(En Français) I have always been very attached to books. I like the contents just as much as the packaging. Books tell stories, however they have their own history too : some will have a sole owner, others will pass from hand to hand, others still will be forgotten on a public bench or on the tube. Some will remain in a bookcase without ever being read, others will be read ten times by the same owner.

Folding second-hand books means somehow that you give them a second life. And I loved the idea of forming a word or an image out of a book. The method I use is unique and takes me several weeks of research to reach such a record of accuracy. Nothing is taken away from the books I sculpt, not the least little gram of paper. If you have the the crazy idea to unfold the book, you would find it in its entirety. The folds allow the book to remain open naturally and well balanced so I do not need to add any fireworks (ribbons, stands, etc ...).

Folded books

By opening this web site, I wanted to both keep a memory of various books that I could create and pursue my creative work. Each sculpture is staged before being photographed and illustrated by a quote to preserve the intrinsic link between the support-book and the final creation.

I hope you will enjoy visiting this site. Should you wish to buy one of the books shown on the slides, or place a particular order, please don’t hesitate to contact me for further information.